War Child presents: Scream for Me Sarajevo

War Child presents: Scream for Me Sarajevo

Scream For Me Sarajevo is an award-winning documentary which showcases the legendary concert by Iron Maiden singer, Bruce Dickinson performing in 1994 with his band Skunkworks in the Bosnian Capital at the height of the siege.

The film tells the story of the music scene in Sarajevo during 1992-95, in the midst of the Bosnian War, and how people risked their lives to perform in an attempt to divert people from the gruelling life in an embattled city.

The film will be shown for the first time in the UK at War Child Film Festival, followed by a Q&A featuring:

  • Adnan Cuhara (host/film producer)
  • Chris Dale (bassist of Skunkworks)
  • Trevor Gibson (UN security officer)
  • Tatjana Bonny (FORM UK)
Director(s): Tarik Hodzic
Length: 95 min
Cast: Bruce Dickinson, Chris Dale, Jim Marshall, Jasenko Pasic, Milomir Kovacevic-Strasni, Alen Ajanovic

Tue 26/09/2017 (Today)

  • Q&A