EEFF 2017: Gholam

EEFF 2017: Gholam

A rare cinematic delve into Britain's Iranian diaspora, Gholam is a prescient and nail-biting drama. Shahab Hosseini (who won Best Actor at Cannes for Ashgar Fahadi's Oscar-winning The Salesman) plays an enigmatic taxi driver, working every hour that God sends, but to what end?

Keeping to himself, refusing to discuss his mysterious past, and shrugging off the chance to return home, his reticence is shattered when he picks up a mysterious fare. Artist and filmmaker Mitra Tabrizian's debut feature has a feel for nocturnal London that recalls screen classics like Mona Lisa, with a sharp undertow of social insight for Brexit-era Britain.




Shahab Hosseini

Running Time:

94 minutes


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