BUFF 2018: Women in Film (Short Film Programme)

BUFF 2018: Women in Film (Short Film Programme)

British Urban Film Festival 2018 at Curzon Soho. BUFF was formed in July 2005 to showcase urban independent cinema.

Women in Film is a unique selection of 8 female focused short films exploring themes of love, sexuality, social bias and gender.

Full programme:

  • For Real Tho 14mins (d. Baptist Penetticobra)
  • Afro Punk Girl 16mins (d. Annetta Laufer)
  • Mumatar 10mins (d. Destiny Ekaragha)
  • Wireless 4mins (d. Tayo Odesanya)
  • Testing Greta 11mins (d. Abbie Lucas)
  • Girl Fact 17mins (d. Mael G Lagadec)
  • Bitter Sea 15mins (d. Fateme Ahmadi)
  • Undone 16mins (d. Francesca Castelbuono)
  • Fee 11mins (d. Guen Murroni)

All directors will be present for a post-screening Q&A.


Baptist Penetticobra, Annetta Laufer, Destiny Ekaragha, Tayo Odesanya, Abbie Lucas, Mael G Lagadec, Fateme Ahmadi, Francesca Castelbuono, Guen Murroni


Destiny Ekaragha, Annetta Laufer, Francesca Castelbuono, Munroe Bergdorf, Billie Vee, Pauline Attal, Fateme Ahmadi‚Äč

Running Time:

120 minutes


Advised 15
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