DocHouse: Ferrante Fever

DocHouse: Ferrante Fever

Italian novelist Elena Ferrante has sold over 5 million copies of her books worldwide, but nobody knows her true identity.

Ferrante Fever interviews some of her most ardent fans including, Jonathan Franzen, Hilary Clinton and executive director of the National Book Foundation Lisa Lucas.

We meet the woman who translates her novels into English and explore the prevailing themes of her work; self-reflection, friendships, loss and fraught mother-daughter relationships.

Italian actress Anna Bonaiuto read excerpts of Ferrante’s words that emphasise her desire for privacy. Yet Ferrante’s notes for the script of the 1995 Italian film, Nasty Love, reveal a willingness to engage with adaptations of her work.

A mysterious figure in who has set the contemporary literature world on fire with her Neapolitan Quartet, Ferrante’s anonymity fuels the intrigue.


Giacomo Durzi



Running Time:

72 minutes


Cert TBC
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