DocHouse: OCDF 2019: Caballerango

DocHouse: OCDF 2019: Caballerango

Plus short film Las Nubes
Juan Pablo González | 2018 | Mexico, USA | 20’

After Nando—a young horse-wrangler from a small farming town in the Mexican state of Jalisco—takes his own life, his surviving family and neighbours retrace his final hours, slowly piecing together the events that led to his death.

His village is no stranger to tragedy, having witnessed a spate of suicides amongst its young inhabitants in recent years, upon whom the effects of rapid modernisation and ensuing economic hardship have placed particular strain.

Juan Pablo González—who himself grew up within the community—patiently recalls the lost through the memories of those they left behind, crafting a quietly devastating study of a grief-stricken town.

Please be advised that this film contains discussion of suicide that some viewers might find distressing


Juan Pablo González



Running Time:

61 minutes


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