DocHouse: The Green Fog

DocHouse: The Green Fog

An emerald hue hangs over the city of San Francisco. Compiled exclusively from film and television shows shot in San Francisco, Guy Maddin and his co-directors Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson, have constructed a film that enigmatically mirrors Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and its all-consuming male gaze. The power of non-verbal communication takes control as loaded silences and meaningful looks are exchanged across a time-travelling, stellar ensemble.

Rock Hudson, Glenn Close, Humphrey Bogart and Joan Crawford are caught up in a suspense-filled world of hints and allegations, romantic trysts and double-dealing. The strings of the Kronos Quartet weave through the narrative, evocative of Bernard Herrmann’s distinctive menace, while something sinister threatens to erupt in this strange, parallel universe.


Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson



Running Time:

61 minutes


Cert TBC
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