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LSFF 2020: A Winter's Matinee of Romantic Films

LSFF 2020: A Winter's Matinee of Romantic Films

Baby, it’s cold outside! From strange corners and hopeless places, a programme of uncynical and unconventional love stories.

Indulge in the naïveté of puppy love, tender queer autobiography, tricksy triangles and the turmoil of unrequited affections. We’ve got sweet and sometimes sour sojourns from Belle & Sebastian-infused ‘80s Glasgow to earth-orbiting satellites, with animated grandpas falling head over heels at first sight and romance transcending language back in London.

  • The Purple Video, Halina Kliem, Germany, 4’
  • Darkest Valentine, Kathrin Steinbacher, UK, 3’
  • Rushes, Benedict Cohen, UK, 6’
  • Square One, Emily Jo Sargent, UK, 12’
  • Olve, Andrew Tyman, UK, 10’
  • Space Flower, Pam Covington, USA, 13’
  • Absence, Alex Goddard, UK, 2’
  • sometimes, i think about dying, Stefanie Abel Horowitz, USA, 13’
  • Jealous Alan, Martin Clark, UK, 16’
  • A Friend, Christopher Simon, UK, 7’
  • Grandad was a romantic, Maryam Mohajer, UK, 5’

This programme contains reference to suicide.





Running Time:

92 minutes


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