OCDF 2019: Elections

OCDF 2019: Elections

A public high school in São Paulo is preparing for the upcoming student council elections. In the classrooms and school halls, alliances form and students pick sides based on their hopes for the future of their education.

Four teams plan campaign strategies, canvas their fellow students, and plaster the walls with their slogans. As the polling day nears, the heated public debates reveal the student body’s political differences and shared visions.

Observed with compassion and humour, Elections is imbued with the youthful spirit of its subjects while holding up a mirror to the country’s wider political turmoil.

This is the UK Premiere.

Followed by a Q&A with director Alice Riff.

After the screening, please join us for our Opening Night Reception in the Curzon Soho bar.


Alice Riff



Running Time:

100 minutes


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